Of all the bizarre things people have done during zoom calls, this is probably the most shocking. 

In what is making news all over the world, an Argentine legislator was seen kissing his partner’s breasts during an online congressional debate

Twitter/Philip King

And the video of the same is now doing rounds on social media; even as people struggle to believe he’d actually do something like that.

Twitter/Benjamin Alvarez
Twitter/Keith Bevacqua

The politician, named Juan Emilio Ameri, tried to give an explanation for his behaviour by saying that he thought he was offline when the incident happened.

According to The Guardian, he also noted that his girlfriend recently had a breast augmentation surgery and he was just trying to access its success.

Let’s see how the implants look, I told her. Look, this one’s down more, this one’s down less, let’s look at the scars, and she was beside me and I kissed her tits, and that was all.
Fox News

However, it was too big a mistake and he had to resign.

When the incident happened, the debate was streaming on the official YouTube channel of the congress and on a huge screen which has been put up for long-distance debates. 

Hence, it became an inexcusable blunder, leading to demands that he should quit.