As if the lynching of a man in Dadri on suspicion of eating beef wasn’t enough evidence of religious intolerance and lawlessness in the country, BJP MLA Ravinder Raina in Jammu & Kashmir has taken high handedness to a new level. Several BJP MLAs in the J&K; assembly attacked MLA Sheikh Abul Rashid while proceedings were going on, for hosting a beef party.

While the attack showed the audacity of elected representatives of the people, several Congress and NC leaders rushed to save Rashid. The MLA had hosted a beef party at the MLA hostel and served beef patties and kebabs to guests, as reported by The Hindu .

Rashid said that his intention was not to hurt anyone but he wanted to send a message that, “Nobody on earth, no assembly, no court and no institution can stop us from having what we want to have.”

The controversy took shape after the High Court in Jammu passed instructions for strict implementation of the beef ban, sparking off widespread protests.

The decision faced criticism and is now before the Supreme Court, which has stayed the implementation of the ban for two months, as The Indian Express reported .

While the attack and resulting turmoil in Dadri has grabbed the nation’s attention, such an attitude by legislatures in an assembly is not helping the BJP.