If the Universe has to choose one species to get rid of, human beings should top that list. We are carriers of torture and agony to our fellow species and we do it without any shame.

Empathy is an important trait to peacefully exist with others but our lack of it does us no good. And this incident of people mercilessly beating up an elephant is proof that we don’t deserve animals.

(Video can be disturbing for certain viewers)

According to this tweet, the temple elephant named Karnan is being beaten up by mahouts (a person who works with, rides, and tends to an elephant) in Thrissur, Kerala.

The tweet which is asking for help to save the elephant, is followed by reactions from people about the cruelty inflicted on the poor soul.

After the video went viral and the right authorities were contacted, Karnan’s case was taken up by ‘Voice for Asian Elephants Society’, an organisation with a mission to protect and conserve endangered Asian elephants.

According to this tweet by an IFS officer, a case has been filed against the owner and the mahouts have been fired for inflicting unimaginable torture on the elephant.

It also adds that the Forest Department has taken the elephant under its wing.

Stop cruelty towards animals.