While the world is protesting after the death of George Floyd following a case of police brutality, a similar video of a cop kneeling over a man’s neck has surfaced in India. 

A Jodhpur police constable can be seen kneeling on a person’s neck for stepping out without a mask. In the video circulating on social media, the man – who attacked the police officers when they asked him to wear a mask, was held down by a constable. 

According to reports, Mukesh Kumar Prajapat stepped out on Thursday without a mask and was caught by two police constables, who said that they acted in self defence. 

When the constable approached him and inquired why he was not wearing a mask, the person immediately pulled up a mask and threatened them that he will gouge their eyes. The policemen called for a jeep but before it could arrive, the man started slapping and punching both the constables – there are videos of the same.

-Priti Chandra, Jodhpur (West) Deputy Commissioner of Police

Priti Chandra, Jodhpur (West) Deputy Commissioner of Police commented on the police officers being attacked by the man and why their actions were necessary. 

If a policeman is being slapped and punched while in uniform, then it is embarrassing for the entire society. I feel the society should be matured enough to realise that if a man is in uniform, then it shouldn’t mean that the person should be criticised without a reason.

-Priti Chandra, Jodhpur (West) Deputy Commissioner of Police

The video has caught on like wildfire on social media due to the similarities it shares with the George Floyd death.