Some bonds are special and some emotions can’t be put into words. And, this heart-breaking video you are about to see proves exactly that. 

A video of a forest ranger from Tamil Nadu bidding a tearful goodbye to an elephant, who he grew fond of, has gone viral on social media. The video was shared on Twitter by Ramesh Pandey, an Indian Forest Service officer.

Reportedly, the elephant was being treated at the Sadivayal Elephant Camp in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve for its injuries and the forest ranger used to take care of it.

Despite all the efforts from the forest department staff, the elephant unfortunately succumbed to its injuries.

After hearing the sad news, the forest ranger couldn’t hold back his tears. After all, he had lost someone near and dear. In the video, the ranger can be seen crying and gently stroking the elephant’s trunk, as if to say his final goodbyes. 

This heart-wrenching video has touched many hearts on social media and it’s making netizens emotional. 

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