Indian news nowadays is in a sad state of affairs. The most successful channels are the most divisive, conducting personal attacks, highly opinionated reporting, and outright bizarre segments that defy logic and rational decimal levels. 

Considering just how terrible the situation is, ScoopWhoop Unscripted did a piece on the death of Indian journalism, diving into its origins and beyond. 

The video expands on how the onset of 24-hour news has led to a lack of on-ground reporting and verification. This results in all kinds of incorrect and false information being peddled.

It also talks about how most major news channels are owned by people who have affiliations to certain political parties, leading to the news being reported in highly partisan and biased ways.

Another issue the video touches upon is how advertising dilutes the integrity of reporting, as certain companies hold enormous power over the funding of news agencies. 

And of course, you can't talk about the cesspool that Indian news has become without mention of Arnab, the torchbearer of hate and propaganda.

Watch the video below!