The CAA/NRC row, which expects Indians to show a multitude of papers proving their citizenship, has people rushing to figure out what to do. Considering you have to show papers about the land you own, your birth certificate, and other documents which most people have lost over the decades, it’s no wonder people are calling the bill ridiculous. 

Recently, musician Sumit Roy filmed cab driver Irshad Ahmed in Mumbai about his fears over the NRC and the video has been doing the rounds ever since.  

He speaks about how the higher ups should ensure those who live in India stay here. 

He also feared for the future of his children, saying,

While talking to The Quint, Sumit Roy said, 

There was a fear and uneasiness in him which I couldn’t do anything about. He kept talking about this, asking what he can possibly say to his kids and his family members to assuage their fears. Then, as I was leaving, we hugged each other. And then, he started weeping.

People expressed their dismay over this man’s anguish on Twitter.

Instances like these make the fear of the NRC that much more real. It’s extremely painful to see the kind of effect it has had on the people of India, and it makes the protests against it completely justifiable.

You can watch the entire video on Sumit Roy’s Instagram page.