A video of a 6-year-old boy named Shivam, pushing the stretcher of his ailing grandfather, Chedi Yadav, along with his mother, Bindu Yadav, has gone viral. 

The incident took place in Deorio district, Uttar Pradesh. Reportedly, Shivam’s grandfather suffered multiple fractures and he needed immediate medical attention. 

Apparently, the ward boy demanded ₹30 from the young boys mother to push the stretcher but she refused to give him the money. Allegedly, the hospital staff also didn’t offer any help. 


With no one to help, both, the mother and the young boy load the patient on the stretcher and push him to the hospital all by themselves. In an interview, Bindu Yadav said

Hospital staff was asking for Rs 30 every time for taking the stretcher to the ward for the dressing of my father and when I refused to give him the money, he refused to push the stretcher, so I had to drag it with the help of my son Shivam. 

After the video went viral, District Magistrate Amit Kishore, visited the hospital and met the family members of the patient. A probe was ordered into the matter and the hospital was asked to submit a report. 

Twitter was unhappy to see the sad state of affairs and the lack of empathy.

After proper investigation into the matter, it was found that the ward boy did ask for a bribe. He was found to be a culprit and now he has been removed. Kishore in an interview said:

The viral video is two-days-old and prima facie, the ward boy has been found to be the culprit. He has been removed by the chief medical officer. We will ensure that such incidents do not take place again.

No words. Asking for a bribe in any form is just unacceptable.