India has come out to the streets raising their voice against the divisive CAA and impending NRC. One among these fearless voices is a young man from Jharkhand whose video has gone viral.He can be seen calling out the new act, PM Modi and Indian media post the election results from Jharkhand.

Aap sanvidhaan ko taar taar karte rahenge aur janta chup baithegi?Mujhe toh aap log pe phi sharam anti hai. Yeh media joh puri tarah bik chuki hai. Yuvayo ko rozgaar nahi hai. Desh ki GDP girti ja rahi h aur aapko Narendra Modi ke gungaan karne se fursat nahi. Pakistan main PM Imraan Khan ki kit ni biwiyaan hain, vor kya bana rahi haan kya kha rah hain, yeh dikha rahe hain.

He called out PM Modi and BJP for their divisive politics and lashed out at media for not showing public the truth, and instead siding with the ruling government. 

The echo of this blow will be heard for the coming five years. Your jhola will be the first to burn.

Though the identity of this man who was interviewed by a news channel isn’t yet known, his words have resonated with a hundred. 

In the past too this young man has spoken out against the Govt, especially BJP on various debate shows and even called out Baba Ramdev for making it big in business.