Floods have been ravaging the north-eastern state of Assam again. You might not have heard about it because well, it’s Assam and national media evidently doesn’t care much about it unless something catches Twitter’ eye. 

New Indian Express

Speaking of which,  this video of BJP MLA Mrinal Saikia from Khumtai, wading through waist-deep floodwater to rescue the people stranded in his constituency is winning people over on Twitter. 

Saikia has also posted videos of his team and he rescusing stranded cattle. 

According to The Quint, Saikia is also running a mobile kitchen that is feeding hundreds of flood victims. 

Gulf News

People have been praising his efforts in these testing times. 

 Over 16 lakh people have reportedly been affected in 22 districts of Assam due to the floods.