Humans have been encroaching on forests for their housing, rail, road and other infrastructure needs and destroying the habitat of wild animals.

Result: They are killed in rail and road accidents.

We’ll understand their struggle better if we imagine ourselves without a home. A video of a group of elephants trying to cross a road surrounded by forest recently went viral on social media.

The video that has reportedly been shot by a lorry driver shows a baby elephant struggling to climb to the other side of the road and mother elephant helping and supporting it.

Netizens are getting furious for creating hindrances for wild animals while developing infrastructure for human needs.

At least 49 elephants were killed in rail accidents in India between 2016-18, according to the MoEFCC. And these numbers are just rising.

I don’t think we have any right to interfere with their natural habitat. And if at all we need to create infrastructure for humans through forests, can we be sensitive towards these animals’ needs?