A video of an elderly woman being thrashed by an unidentified man in UP’s Ghaziabad has gone viral on social media. 

The shocking incident allegedly took place on 12th September in Rajapur village in Ghaziabad. 

According to reports, the woman allegedly objected to some lewd comments that were aimed at her daughter by the same man who ended up beating her in full public view. 

At one point, towards the end of the video, the man also picks up a chair and hits the woman with it not once but, twice. 

Also, there’s one more thing to note here. There were about 8-10 people on the street when the man was beating up the woman but, no one dared to stop him. 

They were all mere spectators to the incident but, none of them bothered to lend a helping hand to the woman who by the end of it, was lying unconscious on the road. 


Twitter users were also in disbelief. The fact that no one helped the elderly woman is just shocking. 

They silently watched the entire incident play out in front of their eyes and, this tells a lot about the kind of society we live in. 

Some Twitter users also condemned the act and called for an arrest. 

After the video went viral, the local police investigated the matter and filed an FIR against the accused. 

However, as per the Ghaziabad police’s tweet, the complainant didn’t mention any eve-teasing incident. In her complaint, the woman only mentioned that she was thrashed by a local youth. 

As of now, a man has been arrested and is being interrogated by the police. We have failed as a society.