Indians are known for their jugaad and sometimes for their most absurd fashion to get things done. 

Recently on social media, a hilarious video of a man being caught while going to his balcony to snip a cable that was illegally connected to a power source has gone viral.

The video captures a man crawling into his balcony to cut the wire when electricity department officials in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad visited the neighbourhood to assess the issue. 

The department’s employee was discreetly recording the video from a neighbour’s terrace when the man, unaware that he was being recorded, as he was trying to erase evidence of electricity theft. 

In the video, when the man crawls out in the balcony, the department official catches him and can be heard saying, “Main to yahin khada bhaiya (I am standing right here, brother)”.

Instagrammers couldn’t hold themselves from reacting- 


Here’s how Twitter reacted- 

Meanwhile the department’s employee be like- “You May Have Outsmarted Me, But I Outsmarted Your Outsmarting”.