While we humans are busy destroying the planet because we feel it only belongs to us, there are some creatures who are doing their part in taking care of the environment. 

A video of an elephant named Phil, picking up trash from the ground and putting it in the waste bin on Reddit is grabbing eye balls for all the right reasons. 

🔥 Phil the elephant cares about the environment *not staged no add.. just an elephant on CCTV from r/NatureIsFuckingLit

Lets be honest, we don’t think twice before throwing litter around and spoiling a perfectly good surrounding so, in that aspect, this video is certainly sending a strong message. We need to realize that this planet belongs to other animals too. 


Seeing Phil care about the environment, people of Reddit wasted no time in appreciating his efforts. 


We really need to learn from Phil. If he can make a conscious effort for doing his bit for the environment, then why can’t we?