With everything that’s going on nowadays, it was just a matter of time before ghosts came a-calling. Not every ghost wants to kill your family and terrorise the world though. Some of them just wanna get swole. 

A video shared by Aakash Chopra shows a shoulder press machine at the Kashiram Park in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh moving on its own, even as bewildered policemen watch on. 

Apparently Chopra, a former cricketer, received the video on WhatsApp.

The video shows the shoulder exercise machine moving pretty vigorously for almost 30 seconds, all on its lonesome. Obviously, people freaked TF out.

But they had some pretty interesting theories about what was happening.

There’s no need to stress however – a policeman stated that it turns out the machine had just been over-greased, which is why it continued to move even after no one was on it. 

India Today

There – mystery solved. Unless that’s what they want you to believe, and there’s actually a totally jacked ghost just haunting gyms even now.