Amid this pandemic, people recovering from Covid-19 are our only source of hope. And to be honest, defeating the disease is no less than an accomplishment.

The Tribune

India, too has seen a lot of recoveries over the past few months and this one story of heartwarming welcome received by a woman on beating coronavirus is going viral on the internet.

The story is gaining people’s attention because of the way in which she was welcomed by her sister on returning home.

Yes, the woman in the video, Saloni Satpute, welcomed her sister with an energetic dance on the song Tai Tai Phish.

According to India Today, Saloni’s entire family, except her was tested positive for Covid-19, recently. While her parents returned home early, her sister was the last one to get discharged from the hospital.

The best part about the video is that her sister who just recovered from Covid-19 also joined in the dance.

Netizens are loving the video for sending a message of positivity and hope amid the pandemic.

Such gestures instill hope in us that we can fight the virus with positive spirits.