A rather disturbing video has surfaced from a quarantine facility in Agra. It shows hands of people reaching out for food kept on the other side of the gate.

Which is not just dehumanising but also against the basic rule of quarantine which requires people to maintain a safe distance from each other.

In the video, a person covered in protective gear, can be seen putting water and cups of tea outside the gate as people inside fight with each other to get them.

DM of Agra has assured though that the ‘gaps’ have been filled now. A report from NDTV quoted him as saying:

I went and inspected the spot. Everything has been set right. Whatever gaps were there, I have asked a senior official to investigate and fix responsibility. The team has been asked to ensure such complaints do not come again.

Agra has reported more than 370 cases of Covid-19 and is one of the worst hit cities in Uttar Pradesh.