If you are on Indian Twitter, you have probably seen this video of cops brutally assaulting a man with a lathi. If you haven’t, this is your trigger warning. 

After the video went viral, it was found that the video originated from Chindwara in Madhya Pradesh. The clip which seems to have been shot on a mobile phone shows one of the two cops beating the man till he collapses. He is then joined by his colleague, standing next to him. Another man in a white shirt and black trousers stand there watching this unfold and later helps the cops as they carry the man to the police van and then drive away.

The Wire

Speaking to NDTV about the incident and the identity of the cops, senior police officer Shashank Garg said: 

An old video has gone viral that shows a man being beaten. We have taken note of it. Two cops – Krishna Dongre and Ashish – are seen in the clip. The man was seen creating ruckus. We have ordered a probe. Police dropped the man. No case has been filed against him. We will wait for the probe to complete. 

According to The Wire, after the video went viral, Head constable Krishna Dongre and constable Ashish were taken off field duty or “line attached” in retaliatory action against them.

Twitter, meanwhile has been severely critical about this act of barbarism by men in uniform!

This incident comes to light just a few days after reports of MP Police apologised for beating up a lawyer after admittedly confusing him to be a Muslim man.