Whether it is people sporting diamond-studded masks or flouting social distancing norms in the name of religion, during the extended series of lockdown, we have seen a lot of bizarre things. 

But have you ever witnessed a bunch of armed criminals following the precautionary COVID guidelines before committing a big crime? 

Well, in today’s episode of WTF news, a video of three men robbing a small jewellery store while religiously following the COVID protocol has gone viral. 

The robbers first entered the small jewellery  store in Aligarh with their masks on. 

Then they generously used the store’s sanitizer to disinfect their hands. 

And once they were done with taking precautionary measures, the robbers pulled out their guns and started raiding the store. 

Now the strange thing that we couldn’t help but notice is that neither of the two shopkeepers were wearing a mask. In fact one of the female customers in the store was sitting mask-less too. 

Criminals, who are smart and disciplined enough to take the precautionary methods of wearing a mask and sanitizing their hands before robbing a jewelry store? I have officially seen everything.