We all love street food, and we also miss it. The drooling taste it has the spice, the flavours nothing can beat our love for street food. There are so many Indianised versions of food available for us and, one such meal is going viral on social media. This chicken roll looks so fulfilling. I hope you can resist your cravings after watching this.


No doubt rolls are filling, be it veg or non-veg. Among the many rolls we have, this two feet chicken roll is unique and lip-smacking.

Recently, a food blogger, beingtanishh, posted a video of a street vendor in Delhi who makes this huge chicken and egg roll. For people in Delhi, the stall is in Delhi’s Model Town area by the name of Patna Roll Center.

Have a look, how devouring this roll looks.

The Instagrammer also says he will pay for the roll if someone can finish it alone. But, they have to show proof of it. 

This roll costs around 600, and there is a vegetarian version available too, which costs up to 400.

So far, the video has garnered more than nine lakh views and 44 thousand likes and, people can’t get over it.

Do you think you can finish this roll alone?