A video went viral on social media where a Pakistani policeman was seen shouting on the street in the middle of a busy intersection claiming he had to sell his children.

As strange as this sounds, the reason behind is heart-wrenching. It's alarming to see how poor people have to suffer for their basic rights.  

The man we see in the video is Nisar Lashari, a policeman from the prisons department. He screamed that he'd sell his children for 50,000 Pakistani rupees.

According to a report in Vice World News, Lashari needed leave for his son’s medical procedure. But a senior officer asked for a bribe in exchange for granting him leave. When he could not bribe him, Lashari's leave was cancelled & he was transferred to Larkana which is 120 km from the city.

Why did they give me this punishment just for not paying a bribe? I am so poor that I could not even travel to Karachi to file a complaint with the inspector general of prisons. The people here are so powerful and there is usually no action taken against them.

He further said, "Was I supposed to pay off bribes or pay for my child's operation? Was I supposed to work in Larkana or was I supposed to take my child for treatment?"

Soon people started to call out this injustice, and luckily a decision was made in his favour. He was able to save his job at the prison in Ghotki & was granted a 14-day leave of absence.

No one deserves this kind of exploitation.