Ratan Tata, an 84-year-old business magnate, is a living illustration of simple living and high thinking. People are drawn to him by his simplicity, which strikes a chord with them.

In yet another incident that will make you grow fonder of him, Ratan Tata was snapped as he arrived at Taj Hotel. A clip was shared on paparazzi account Viral Bhayani

It’s obvious to expect a personality like him to be surrounded by fanfare and bodyguards, yet all he had was Shantanu Naidu driving his humble Tata Nano.

Later, when he returned, the hotel staff kindly escorted him back to his car. 

Look at how everyone is hailing him for his simplicity.

Instagram/ Viralbhayani

You can watch the entire video here:

Indeed, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.