Disclaimer: This article contains disturbing visuals. Viewer discretion strongly advised.

Since the time coronavirus pandemic has broken out, our lives have turned upside down. 

Truly, every thing has changed: How we interact with people, how we live and… what happens when someone dies.

The ScoopWhoop Unscripted team went to one of Delhi’s crematoriums, to find out the situation and what they saw can only be described as unfortunate.

One of the workers told anchor Samdish Bhatia that multiple bodies come in vans, and they are then numbered, so that they can be taken inside.

Around 4-5 people are involved in the process of taking the bodies out and putting them on a stretcher. Our team was shocked to see that most of them were inadequately dressed. They didn’t have PPEs on.

Protection is not something one can compromise with, in this situation, and so it was shocking to see some people in the premises without even hand gloves.

The most heartbreaking, though, was to see the family members of the deceased trying to identify their kins by the names written on the sack. This is because they are not allowed to see the body as it increases the chances of exposure for people around.

This is absolutely devastating. You can watch the video here: