The coronavirus pandemic has brought to fore the reality of our health infrastructure and tall promises made by the government, every now and then.

While social media is flooded with posts related to lack of availability of beds in hospitals or proper treatment, only those who are going through all this can tell us the truth.


As the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise exponentially, the ScoopWhoop Unscripted team decided to spend a day outside LNJP Hospital, to see what the ground situation is. And their experience has been scary, to say the least.

In conversation with anchor Samdish Bhatia, a person whose mother was admitted in the hospital said that he had seen 5 patients die in front of him. He also talked about how patients are transported from one hospital to another, stuffed in ambulances.

Let alone seeing or visiting, relatives and family members of coronavirus patients are not even provided information about them.

With no information about their loved ones, they are just left waiting for days outside hospitals. Like this man, who has been visiting the hospital for last 6 days to deliver a package to his father. Every time the package is returned and he still doesn’t know if his father is alive or not.

Away from their families, Covid-19 patients admitted in hospitals are left on their own. A man who lost his father told Samdish that his father was not provided oxygen or ventilator in his last hours.

After listening to these people’s accounts, one thing is clear, our health infrastructure is in shambles right now and the situation in hospitals is beyond scary.

It is not possible for anyone else to understand what the patients and their relatives are going through during this time. The best we can do is stay home and keep ourselves and others around us safe.

Watch the complete video here to get a perspective of the ground reality.