In these crucial times, let’s not forget the elderly who need our help and support more than ever. Of course, there are some who are lucky enough to be living with their families but, there are also those who don’t have anyone to fall back upon. 

And as the younger generation, it’s our responsibility to look out for them.

Reminding all of us of exactly that, IAA Rotary Elders Care released a heartwarming video where they humbly request all of us to help and take good care of the elderly during the lockdown. 

Through this beautiful video, IAA Rotary Elders Care is sending across a strong and important message.

They urge us to spend time with our elders, talk to them and help them out with their groceries and medicines.

They also request us to give them a call and ask them about their well-being, just like we call our friends so that they know they are not alone in this.

Just like us, even our elders are struggling mentally to cope with everything that is happening around them so it’s time for us to be supportive.

IAA Rotary Elders Care concludes the video by saying, more than anything, it’s not the apps that the elderly need, they need us.

Surely, the doors of our houses are shut but, we should always keep the door to our hearts open. Right?