With the coronavirus outbreak across the world, people have been advised to stay indoors. This has led to what is called ‘panic buying’.

Many people are buying items in bulk, so that they have necessary materials in case they can’t leave their home for days.


However, most of it is just impractical bulk purchase – basically hoarding stuff – not allowing others an access to the same products. As you can imagine, the struggle is real, leading to even fights in some cases.

For instance, these women who can be seen getting physically violent over toilet paper. 

Facebook/Jeff Tupai

Aged 23 and 60, the women have been served legal notices by the police in Australia – where the incident had happened.

In the video, they can be seen hitting each other, as one woman takes piles of toilet paper with her, while the other tells her that’s wrong.

The woman goes on to say, “I just want one pack”. To which the mother of the other woman strictly says, “No”.

Facebook/Jeff Tupai

That is when the store managers intervene, try to calm them down and call the police.

Facebook/Jeff Tupai

Tiolet paper, along with hand sanitisers and handwashes have become some of the most purchased items in the world – after the corona outbreak.

People across the globe have been sharing pictures of empty racks in supermarkets, showing how the pandemic, in some cases, can bring out humans’ most panicky and selfish side.

As this pandemic hits the world, people need to be a little considerate towards each other and not hoard things just because they can. The virus is equally deadly for every single human being, and it is just unfair that one person suffers simply because of another’s greed.