Sometimes we need a wake-up call to take action or change things in our lives. Unless of course it’s a wake-up call like this. A viral video of an Odisha woman cooking a roti on a car’s bonnet has quickly caught people’s attention. Clearly, and most unfortunately, climate change is happening! 


The video has been posted by Twitter user @nilamadhabpanda and it shows a woman clad in a sari, cooking a roti under the scorching sun, on a car’s bonnet. Now, we all know the temperatures in a lot of Indian states have reached 40 degrees Celsius. And so, it’s not surprising to see this happening, but also, very saddening. 


You can watch the video here, and take a look at this marvel. 

Of course some people are speculating that the video is fake, but still, it seems like the possibility isn’t very far off. 

Whether the video has been edited or not, it cannot be denied that the temperatures have risen quickly in the last couple of days.