Man and wild animals have always been at odds with each other. Both are terrified of one another. But because we’ve rampantly cut down jungles and invaded their habitat, it’s not uncommon to hear incidents when a tiger or a leopard accidentally enters a human inhabited area. And so many times, these animals find themselves in actual danger. 

But this time when a leopard strayed into a village in Maharashtra and fell into a well, the entire village came together to rescue the big cat.


The incident took place in Pimpalgaon Siddhanath village, in the Junnar division of Maharashtra, when a farmer heard animal cries coming from a 60-foot deep well. He then informed the forest department about it, and they contacted the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre, run by the nonprofit animal advocacy organization, Wildlife SOS. 

The officials of Wildlife SOS immediately rushed to the aid of the 4-year-old female leopard, which was holding on to a rope to save itself from drowning.


The leopard is believed to have fallen into the well while chasing its prey. The people from the village gathered around with the authorities and at first, they lowered a piece of flattened wood into the well. When the leopard had seated itself well on the log, they lowered a cage for the animal to get in. It was thenreleased into the wild after the rescue process.

Watch this heartwarming video showing how the entire village teamed up to save the terrified animal:

 Source: Wildlife SOS

If only the man was always this kind to wild animals.