In a display of communal unity, residents of a Punjab village came forward to build a mosque for its Muslim population.

The village has 7 gurdwaras and 2 temples, but no mosques. There are only 4 Muslim families in the village and these are the ones that stayed back in India after the partition in 1947.

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The villagers contributed money and took upon themselves to build a mosque because they wanted that their Muslim brethren should have places of worship too. The mosque that existed before the partition is in ruins now.

The sarpanch of the village told The Indian Express:

There was a mosque before the Partition in 1947 but its structure turned to ruins with time. We have four Muslim families in the village that chose to stay back and since then, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh families live in harmony in our village.
Indian Express

Last week, it was scheduled to lay the foundation stone of the mosque but heavy rains hampered the ceremony. The Sikh community in the village opened the gates of a gurdwara to host the ceremony and even organised a langar.


Netizens are applauding ths gesture of the village community.

The villagers take pride in saying that the mosque will be the 10th place of worship in their village.