A couple of days ago, we had run this story about a man who had ordered a smartphone from Snapdeal and had received a box with a bar of soap and a stone scrub instead.

In a hilarious new twist of events, the soap company i.e. Hindustan Unilever’s Vim Bar gifted Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy a brand new Samsung smartphone after his story went viral on our website.

Yep, believe it. Here’s the full story.

Krishnamurthy had earlier received a bar of Vim soap and a stone scrub instead of a phone that he had ordered from online retail website Snapdeal.

After receiving the surprise gift from Vim here’s what an elated Krishnamurthy had to say.

There’s a happy guy. *sniff*

A box comparison of Snapdeal’s delivery and Vim Bar’s. Ouch?

Oh they just had to.

They even gifted Krishnamurthy some complimentary liquid dish-washing soap.

We think some Burnol would’ve worked better.

If you’ve been following the story, you’re probably wondering what Snapdeal did about the whole thing.

Well, all’s well that ends well?

Not really. We’d still like to know how he got soap instead of a phone. And if we do find out, you’d be the first to know.

Stay tuned!