On Moday, October 12, actor Vin Diesel shunned a bunch of body shamers, who accused him to be out of shape when a series of photos were released on social media of him standing shirtless on a balcony. He may not have looked as fit as he once was, but the actor proudly embraced his present self and displayed his present looks too on Instagram.

In no time, fans were on their toes to see what was next. In his second photo, he lifted his shirt and flashed his hard abs.

Body shaming just happens to be a constant humiliation faced by actors whenever they gain a little extra belly. Only zero figures or six pack abs are highlighted to be signs of fitness. It is true, fitness should be encouraged. However, fitness does not necessarily mean six pack abs or only a slim and trim figure. By fitness one basically means a healthy body with enough energy to help you stay that way.