Who does not like laughter? And what’s funnier than laughing at our own selves?

At a time when religion and beef are becoming the center of politics, we have our very own funny bones, Vir Das, give his take on the same. Talking about minorities, rights, and the big question of ‘how to please everybody’, he talks to ABC Radio National about how things get complicated in the attempts of making a country secular. 

In a country as diverse as ours, making a decision in favour of just the majority might dishearten the considerably large minority; decision and policy making is risky, confusing, and multi-faceted. In Sydney for the Sydney Comedy Festival, this podcast is all about how India has the best of lessons to give in its religious texts, but few who understand the precepts. 


“Beef is a small price to pay…” he begins and talks about issues like safety of women, lack of education, triple talaq and so on. There are a million things we still need to learn from the scriptures that we claimed to have followed for centuries.

This podcast, with ABC Radio National, can be called karma redefined for our day and age. 

Listen to the whole podcast here.