In a truly huge leap for mankind, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured “the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the early universe” and its stunning colours are a sight to behold. 

The image shows several thousand stars and galaxies packed together, though a lot of them do not exist anymore. 

We are seeing them now because that is how much time it takes for the light to travel to Earth from the distance they are at. 

The telescope took 12.5 hours to develop the image, which will be followed by several others in the next few days. 

Sharing the image, the President of the United States said, “The first image from the Webb Space Telescope represents a historic moment for science and technology. For astronomy and space exploration. And for America and all humanity”.

Here are some of people’s reactions to the marvel that this picture is.

In another tweet, NASA Webb Telescope put things further into perspective, and honestly, we can’t even comprehend this. 

If you held a grain of sand up to the sky at arm’s length, that tiny speck is the size of Webb’s view in this image. Imagine, galaxies galore within a grain, including light from galaxies that traveled billions of years to us!

What a time to be alive! We don’t get to say that very often these days, do we?