Admit it, we all love rooting for underdogs who overcome all odds and make it big through hard work, perseverance, sheer determination and force of will. 

But, Twitter user named Aidan Smith thinks differently. According to him, stories about how some of the richest and powerful people became millionaires and billionaires are too romanticized and glossed over, as a result of which, people tend to miss out some of the very important details. 

Take these stories for instance. 

Earlier this month, Jon Erlichman tweeted about how Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 in his own garage but, he forgot to mention something very important. 

Replying to Jon’s tweet, Aidan Smith pointed out that in fact, Bezos’ parents invested more than 245k dollars into Amazon to help him out. Of course, we had no clue. 

Aidan then went to talk about how other famous billionaires received help from their wealthy and powerful family members in order to start their respective companies. 

This is what he had to say about Bill Gates. He states the story of Bill Gates being a normal guy who dropped out of college to pursue his dreams is not true. 

In fact, his mother Mary Gates, the president of United Way, convinced IBM to hire Microsoft to build an OS and that’s how he started his career. 

He also goes on to talk about Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The tale of Warren Buffet, the guy who had a knack for investing, coming from a lower-middle class suburban home in Omaha actually isn’t all that true. 

As per Aidan, in reality his dad was a congressman and Warren had already invested in his father’s farmland when he was 14-years-old. So, by the time he reached college, Warren accumulated $9,800 in his savings. 

Also, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might not have been who he is today, had he not received expensive tuition. 

If Aidan is to be believed, Mark was sent to Philips Exeter Academy by his wealthy parents. And, his tuition fees for boarding was almost $57,000. OMG! Can you believe it?

Apparently, Zuckerberg also got software developer David Newman to give him private tutoring in computer science before he even entered college.

Aidan further explains how Mark was known as a computer prodigy in college and how that wouldn’t have been possible had he not had wealthy parents. 

And, he also mentions Kylie Jenner who claims to be a self-made billionaire but, we all know she belongs to one of the wealthiest/best-known families on Earth. 

After reading this viral thread, people had their own set of opinions. While some agreed with Aidan, others claimed that success had nothing to do with an individual’s family background.

So, guys the whole point of this viral thread is to teach us a very important lesson. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to achieve your goals because even the most successful person received financial help and support.