Just because somebody is serving you — as a part of their job — doesn’t mean you’re above them in any way. I think this is some basic decency lesson we must keep giving people every now and then, cos honestly, way too many desi passengers suck!

We all have seen those entitled desi uncles and aunties who think they own the hospitality staff with their aggressive tonality and endless complaints. In an instance going viral on social media, another mean desi uncle is seen yelling at an air hostess taking a stand for her colleagues.

Look at the viral video shared by Journalist Tarun Shukla:

Apparently, on an Indigo flight headed towards Delhi from Istanbul, the air hostess confronted the passenger on his behaviour that had made her colleagues cry. There was some issue around the meal. She can be seen telling him that the cart only has counted meals.

The indignant passenger tells the attendant she’s a servant, to which she replies, “I am an employee, I am not your servant. You cannot talk to me like that.

He also yells, “Shut up!” when the air hostess angrily replies, “I am sorry, you cannot talk to me like that. I am also an employee here.

Twitter supports the air hostess in giving it back to the entitled passenger. Here’s what people are saying.


Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor tweeted in favour of the attendant. He also recalled an incident when a rude passenger legit slapped a crew member because his preferred meal was not on board. The 19-year-old woman quit flying the same day.

Kudos to the woman! She took a much-needed stand. Such entitled and deluded passengers must be given a reality check.