Imagine yourself on a weekday 7pm, you shut your laptop and start scrolling through Instagram reels mindlessly and if suddenly a little boy in a school uniform singing “Bachpan Ka Pyaar” with a straight face made you stop and play his video on loop then trust me, you’re not alone.

Nothing can be anticipated as to what can hold eyeballs on the internet and go viral overnight. Recently, a video of a child singing a filmy song has surfaced.  

This child standing in the classroom wearing a blue shirt, with his singing, has won the hearts of many. 

Have a look at the viral video: 

After listening to the child’s song, the teachers in the back begin to chuckle as well.

The comment section is hilarious to look at: 


The video went so viral that it has become a popular reel audio making even the TV celebs share some fun reels on it.

The name of the original song is “Bachpan Ka Pyaar Jaanu Bhool Mat Jaana”, which was released in the year 2018. On YouTube, this song has almost 2.5 million views. 

However, after the child sung it, this song became sensational. Even when it was first released, this song did not have the same level of popularity as it does now.

Brb, vibing.