A lot of us doing regular 9-5 jobs are hard working people. But sometimes, even the best of us are unable to meet the required deadlines or targets. 

The Street

If you are one of these people, be glad that your boss just takes a dump on your appraisal. Be glad that you do not work for this Chinese company which has been in the news for its horrible way of punishing employees.


This company, whose name yet remains unknown made its workers crawl on the road as punishment for failing to hit their year-end targets. 


The employees were seen on all fours making their way through busy traffic, while a man held a company flag and walked ahead of them. Thankfully the cops intervened in the matter and the event was stopped.  

Pink Villa

But the video had been made online by then. In the video, you can see the pedestrians visually shocked by the unprecedented cruelty of the scene. 

According to India Today, the company has been temporarily shut down after the incident. 

Watch the video here:

The video that went viral just minutes after it was posted drew some serious flak on social media.


This is not the first time that Chinese workers have had to endure such cruel treatment. According to India Today, video footage of Chinese workers getting slapped for performing poorly had gone viral.