The ever increasing road traffic in metro cities, and everywhere else, has become a nightmare for the citizens, more so when an accident occurs and the victim has to be immediately taken to the hospital. In order to ensure timely medical assistance for such victims during heavy traffic hours, a Visakhapatnam-based start-up has come with two devices which can make emergency services faster and more effective. 

Greenline Labs, a tech start-up has developed two devices with the help of Internet of Things, a technology that lets you connect any device with an on/off switch to internet or to each other, reports The Hindu.  

b’Source: PTI’

Sri Vishnu Ayyagari, CEO of Greenline Labs, told the newspaper that they are targeting to fix the device to 25 ambulances within Delhi by the end of October and are planning on eventually extending the technology to other metro-cities.

The start-up is also planning to launch an app that will provide for an alert button for to send a notification to the nearest hospital for ambulance services. 

b’Source: PTI’

One of the devices will be connected to the ambulance to help driver trace the location the accident and take the shortest possible route to reach the spot. The second device will be connected to the traffic signals to ensure that the lights turn green whenever any ambulance is within 500-700 metres radius to the traffic signal. And the devices together will ensure that the ambulances make it to the hospital without delay.

The prototype for the devices will be tested by month-end and the team is in talks with EMRI (Emergency Management Research Institute) to have them fixed to their ambulances, reports The Hindu.

(Feature image source: PTI)