Music composer Vishal Dadlani is known for voicing his opinion against various issues like corruption and gender imbalance in the public space, who is also an ardent supporter of Aam Aadmi Party.

Dadlani has a message for everyone on the Free Basics initiative that Facebook is urging everyone to support through online petitions.

Dadlani has called Free Basics ‘a renewed scam’ and urged people to not fall in the trap that will completely destroy the freedom of internet users. Instead, he has asked people to sign the petition on that will not allow Facebook or any other body to take important decisions related to internet.

Here’s Dadlani’s Post on Free Basics:

Please share this video extensively. I try to explain, in Hindi, why #FreeBasics is a sham, and is in fact, against #NetNeutrality.I think it’s crucial that this discussion go beyond just the English-speaking internet-world. We need huge numbers to combat this , so get to NOW, and register your objection.

Posted by Vishal Dadlani on Friday, December 25, 2015