T Sriramanujam, an 11-year-old boy who hails from Tamil Nadu, became world’s first visually impaired news anchor as he went live on a Tamil news channel on May 1, as claimed by Lotus News.

Sriramanujam was taught to take right postures, voice modulations while reading the news bulletin live with Braille for 22 minutes. After four months of rigorous training sessions, he made a flawless debut on screen in his first bulletin of 22 minutes. His family could not be happier since he made an appearance on TV, reports The Better India .

Source: The better Indian

“I was scared in the first two minutes but then it was business and I read it fluently,” he said, reports dna .

“Talent cannot be restricted by disability. No disabled child should be isolated by society. My request to all parents is if you have a disabled child make them an achiever. Disability should not limit the disabled child to achieve what a normal child could otherwise achieve,” said Kalaiarasi, Sriramanujam’s mother.

Sriramanujam, a 5th grader, has already proved his excellence in studies. He wants to study and become an IAS officer one day.

Watch him reading news like a pro in this Lotus News video:

All the best, kid!