Playback singer Vaikom Vijayalakshmi on Sunday set a new world record by playing the maximum number of songs in the shortest time on a single stringed musical instrument. 

She played various classical and film songs on the Gayathri veena continuously for over five hours and in the process might have become the first person to achieve the feat.

The music maestro, who is visually impaired, broke the record by playing a total of 69 songs on the instrument during a programme in Kochi. 

Even though Vijayalakshmi managed to enter the record books when the 51st song was completed, but she went on performing till the 69th song.

Besides singing for the Malayalam movies, the singer has sung from Tamil and Telugu films. Moreover, Vijayalakshmi has conducted several Gayathri veena recitals. The instrument gifted by a well-wisher was modified by Vijayalakshmi’s father, Muraleedharan.

Incidentally, just last month Vijayalakshmi called off her marriage when her fiance asked her to quit performing at live concerts and take up the job as a music teacher in a college.

“I have no regrets over choosing music over marriage,” the singer had said at the time reports Hindustan Times.

(With inputs from PTI)

(Feature image source: Twitter| Mathrubhumi)