A volcanic eruption in Ecuador, on Tuesday, has left several cities covered in ash. The Sangay volcano erupted in the Amazon region. 

It seems like, while this country is trying to get back on its feet as it slowly emerges from the coronavirus outbreak, they’ve been faced with a new challenge. 

In the past, this volcano has had moderate eruptions but, due to its remote location it has never really had a major impact on the surrounding regions. However, things were different this time. 

Due to recent change in wind pattern, the ash was pushed towards the coast which affected neighbouring regions including the largest city, Guayaquil. 

In Guayaquil, roads, public transports, runways, halted flights were all covered in ash. In some parts of Los Rios and Chimborazo, roads were also closed to traffic. 

And, in order to avert respiratory problems, authorities have been clearing ash from public spaces. 

Karen Figueroa, a homemaker who was removing ash from the patio of her house, in an interview said:

Now we have to wear the mask not only because of the coronavirus but also because of the ash that covers all of Guayaquil.

Experts say minor volcanic eruptions will continue for the next few days but, they don’t expect it to be major. 

Ecuador has reported over 43,000 coronavirus cases and more than 3,000 deaths. It is one of the most effected countries in South America but, the health ministry says the spread of the virus has reduced significantly. 

2020, will you please calm down?