In association with Volkswagen

When we were kids, the world was simpler, colourful, and full of magic. Every year, the season of Christmas became a reminder of the magic we believed in before we grew up in a world of reality.

This Christmas, through their season’s greetings campaign Volkswagen has decided to take a walk down memory lane to #KeepTheMagicAlive along with the adorable 6-year-old Ahaan. 

The video begins with Ahaan being dropped off by his mother at a Christmas party where the bespectacled cutie is beyond excited to mix and mingle with his friends. Things seem to be going fantastic until Ahaan catches a glimpse of something that absolutely shocks him. 

At some point while growing up, we have all been in little Ahaan’s position which is why watching his jaw drop is absolutely endearing. But what follows next really leaves us beaming and full to the brim with warm fuzzies. 

It’s because no matter how grown-up we pretend to be, there’s an innocent kid hidden in us waiting to be thunderstruck by magic. And in Ahaan, we all find that little part of ourselves that got lost in the daily grind. You’ve got to watch this campaign film to know what we mean. 

Volkswagen’s latest Christmas campaign captures the spirit of #KeepTheMagicAlive perfectly.