While addressing a recent gathering of BJP’s social media volunteers on January 25, Union Home Minister Amit Shah encouraged people to press the lotus motif during the Delhi elections so that there is “no Shaheen Bagh”. 

While rallying and prepping his cyber warriors for the Delhi-state election (which are scheduled for February 8), Amit Shah targetted Shaheen Bagh and further commented: 

Press the button of lotus so hard that the current makes the Shaheen Bagh protesters run away on the very evening of February 8. 
The Indian Express

Shaheen Bagh has become the epicentre of resistance with peaceful protests against CAA and NRC is now being used to drive political agenda. 


Not only that, he further took a dig at his opposition, AAP and Congress and claimed that opposition was blinded by the “greed for voters”. He said: 

Even now they say they are with Shaheen Bagh. A video has come out today, you can see it. They have no shame, in their greed for votes, they have blindfolded themselves. 

The former BJP leader accused Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal for misleading the people. He further added: 

We want a Delhi which is free of pollution, where everybody gets clean water to drink, 24-hour electricity, facilities for children’s education, no unauthorised colonies, an efficient transport system, world-class roads, where there are no traffic jams and there is never a Shaheen Bagh.