I have grown up in a city where every morning started amid heated political debates, with freshly brewed tea and newspaper hanging from everyone’s hand. So many opinions about government and governance, but all in vain. It always made me wonder – who is listening to them? 

A vote not cast is a vote lost.

I mean we can go on and on about all the things our chosen representatives could have done better, but that cannot solely bring about change. Can it? There is a saying which goes like – ‘Be the change you want to see’, and I live by it. If you want change, make it happen. 
This election season, you can bring about the change you have much desired for with a simple solution – by voting wisely! It’s not just a vote, it’s the most important expression of your opinions, to seek for what’s your right. 

Stop making excuses for not voting!

If you are willing to skip voting because you are too lazy to step out in the heat or have made plans with your pals, then you cannot complain for the chaos later. You are to blame, my friend. In the current election season, though the first two phases have seen a higher voter turnout than in 2014, some constituencies have seen a massive drop and recorded a mere 34% voter turnout. 
Having said all of that, another crucial step in voting is knowing your candidates well. A quick research on your candidates is readily available everywhere, even Facebook has introduced a feature for it. 

Voting is a right, not a choice.

This video, created by Redbrick and Viscomm, with thought-provoking lyrics is an eye-opener for all those who feels ek vote se kya farak padhega. This line from the video, bahane bana bana ke tum khud ko banaoge, yun hi shikayaton se tum kya nibhaoge – aptly resonate my feelings about all those who love to be critiques but won’t move a limb to help bring about change. 

Every individual can inspire change this election season and TBH, it’s our democratic duty to exercise all the rights vested on us, so vote wisely!

Watch the video below: