ISRO has achieved some incredible feats in the last few years. But now, it is about to do something quite unique. 


According to Livemint, the Indian space agency will send a half-humanoid female into space as a part of its first human space mission programme, Gaganyaan. 

The robot, Vyommitra was unveiled by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Bengaluru on Wednesday.


According to reports, its called a half-humanoid because it doesn’t have any legs but can move forward and sideways. 

ISRO says that Vyommira can recognise humans and answer their questions while carrying out experiments. It can also monitor the ‘biological parameters, operate switch panels and life-support activities’.

Bangalore Mirror

It can also have a conversation with astronauts. 

Meanwhile, ISRO Chairman, K. Sivan has told reporters that two test missions were to be carried out before sending out astronauts into space in 2022. These missions are to be held by the end of this year- mid-2021 and aim to validate ISRO’s crew module and its systems.


The Indian Air Force meanwhile has been shortlisting four astronauts to get trained in Russia for the inaugural space mission.