Police constable Vijendra Kumar had a close shave on Saturday when a bullet shot during a protest in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad pierced his bulletproof jacket but got stopped by his wallet.

He now feels like he has been granted a second chance at life. According to NDTV, the wallet was kept in his jacket’s front pocket. 

He also added, 

I was on duty in the Nalband area when some of the protestors opened fire at us. The bullet pierced my bullet vest and got stuck in the wallet that was kept in the pocket of my jacket. There were 4 ATM cards and some pictures of Shiv Ji and Sai Baba. It feels like this is my second life

The police claim that UP, which saw a spate of violence recently, is now under control. 15 people have died during anti-CAA protests in UP, and 263 police personnel have been injured. Kumar also said that a total of 405 bullet shells of country-made pistols were recovered from protest sites.