While the whole nation is preparing for upcoming Independence Day, I chanced upon Likee’s campaign on the internet. And, guess what? This campaign is so unique that I couldn’t help but write about it! 

So, Likee is all set to break a world record this Independence Day and y’all can be a part of it! 

The question is how? Well, y’all must be aware of Likee, the global short video creation app, right? Recently, they released their ‘No matter where I am, #IAMINDIAN‘ campaign with which they’re asking their users to join them in breaking the world record for the most number of people waving the Indian flag. The idea behind this campaign is to spark a patriotic feeling among people around the day of freedom. 

Now, if you’re wondering how you can contribute to this one-of-a-kind campaign, keep reading…  

The first and most important thing is to install the Likee app. (of course) Then, tap on the #IAMINDIAN banner and shoot a short video of yourself waving the Indian flag. And, you know what? Likee has also introduced new filters and stickers that you can add to your Independence Day videos. Awesome, isn’t it? 

Quick fact: Our very own Dhing Express –  Hima Das also participated in this campaign. Take a look:

So, what are you waiting for guys? Join us and play your part in breaking this world record! 

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In association with Likee