Peaceful protesters in Washington DC were hit, pushed and pepper-sprayed at, by the police on Monday night when they were demonstrating their anguish against George Floyd’s death. 

After seeing how the protesters were being handled by the police, some houses in the neighbourhood opened their doors for the protesters to take shelter in. 

And, among them was an Indian-origin man, Rahul Dubey, who offered shelter to nearly 60 protesters, for more than eight hours so that they couldn’t be arrested by Metropolitan Police Department officers.

Dubey also gave an interview to a news channel describing the scenes. 

It was absolute mayhem on either ends of Swann Street in DC as protesters were being arrested by the police. 

In videos and photos that are doing rounds on the internet, police officers can be seen arresting demonstrators for violating the curfew. 

WTOP reporter Ken Duffy shared pictures and videos on social media of police blocking roads and alleys in the neighborhood.

He also claimed that they were “pinned down” at 15th and Swann Street. Later, Duffy also took shelter in Rahul Dubey’s home before leaving.  

The visuals from inside Dubey’s home shows people coughing and some with injuries. The police also made their way outside the house. 

Describing the horrific scenes, this is what one witness told News4 over the phone:

They charged all the way up into this man’s door and maced everybody coming into this house. Thank goodness for us in the house we’re safe, we’re ok. But there’s no way for us to get out of this house and not get arrested.

There was a point where Dubey also ordered pizzas for all those who were taking shelter in his house but, the police officers tried to intercept the pizza delivery. Eventually, the group inside did get some food to eat. 

Through the night, the police and Dubey were in contact with each other. In an interview he said: 

People in the house ranged from 18 to 50 in age. They were an amazing group of people that were gathered here peacefully.

When 44-year-old Dubey was questioned as to why he opened his doors for the protesters he said:

If you had seen what was going on in front of my eyes, there was no choice. 

According to protesters, a few other houses on the block also took in some protesters.  

At 6 AM when the curfew finally lifted, protesters who were taking shelter slowly and quietly emerged from the houses, thanking all those who helped them. 

Eventually, Dubey asked everyone to get home safe and to get some rest. While bidding the protesters goodbye the next morning, Dubey said:

Make sure you take care of that mental health, strength, so we can continue to go out there to rise peacefully with intelligence and make a solid argument. I love you guys.

People all over social media are thanking Dubey for his kind gesture. 

We need more generous souls like him.