How far would you go to find someone you love? More importantly, an animal you love? We can do anything for our loved ones and that’s exactly what this woman named Carole King did for her beloved dog. Carole, from Washington, quit her job as a postal carrier and spent 57 days looking for her beloved dog, Katie. 

Carole and Verne (her husband) were devastated when they lost their dog but they left no stone unturned to bring back 7-year-old Katie home. 

According to The New York Times, both of them were searching for their lost dog till 4 AM neighbouring areas but they were out of luck. They searched for weeks but, failed. The couple then, decided to give out 500 flyers throughout the county and they also took to social media to spread the word about Katie’s disappearance. 

The couple finally found Katie with the help of community strangers in a small town in another state. Well, in case you are wondering, Katie, the border collie escaped from a hotel room in July during a trip to Montana with the owners after she got scared by storms.  

People on Twitter were also happy when they heard the good news. 

The couple certainly went out of their way to save their beloved Katie. We are happy that Katie is home and, is in safe hands indeed.